Die Stolyarsky Special Music School in Odessa and other Legato projects are in dire need of scores, string instruments and other material (beamer, sound carriers). Therefore, Legato Bern-Odessa has regularly been supporting the Stolyarsky School with several measures, such as: a first grade Steinway& Sons concert piano, other pianos and cembalos, as well as string and brass instruments and a concert harp.

Other material, such as music scores, strings or electronic equipment have helped improving the schools infrastructure. The 'Stolyarsky' is a state school for musically gifted students. They receive an intensive musical education, while finishing school with an upper secondary school degree. Usually, they go on studying music at a music college or other higher education institution. 


Stolyarsky has produced many very famous alumni over the years: David Oistrach, Nathan Milstein, Boris and Michael Goldstein, Michail Fichtenholz or Elizabeth Gilels.


The state and city as school funders are currently unable to support the school with the funding and material required. Within the last years, the currency Griwna has lost 50% of its purchasing power. East Ukraine is being ravaged by war. 

Have look in your attic, your basement. There might be some equipment you could donate. Students in Odessa will be very grateful. 


Legato Bern-Odessa's support for talents rests on your donations and your support. We do not endorse any political or religious affiliation. Your donations go directly and entirely  to our talents and projects, without any overhead fee deduction.